What we do

We work with your team to set up successful operations poised to achieve the goals that you desire to attain. We work with your team to assure the competency of their skills. We work with each of your departments, pharmacy operations, reimbursement operations, nursing services, sterile compounding and delivery logistics. In the case of startups, we work with your contractors to achieve your goals. We create a plan that will fit the needs and the budget of our clients. We provide both on site and remote services on a contract basis.
We also work with investors to assist in successful target identification for successful outcomes. We have a finger on the pulse of the industry

Consulting services includes:

Industry Assessments of Investment Goals
Financial Performance
On-site Pharmacy Assessments
Reimbursement Structuring
Accreditation Preparation and Assistance
Pharmacy Design for Efficiency of Workflow and USP 797 Compliance
Operational Efficiency to Achieve Excellence
Team Building for Successful Operation
Staff education and competency testing
Policy and Procedure Development and Evaluation
USP 797 Compliance
Aseptic Work Assessments